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Organizational matters regarding the SBWL courses

The courses of the SBWL International Accounting & Controlling are held as PIs (prüfungsimmanente Lehrveranstaltungen). This means that all courses involve continuous assessment of student performance and require therefore mandatory attendance. Student performance is not or not exclusively assessed in a single final examination at the end of the course, but rather it shall be evaluated based on several examination components over the entire course. If you do not pass one or more examination components, you cannot repeat those. The results of the individual examination components make up the final grade for the course. In order to achieve a positive final grade, it is not necessary to pass each individual examination component, as long as the sum of all the examination components yields a positive final grade.

All of the examination components of one course are to be completed within one semester (in the semester the course is taking place in) and are only valid for the given semester. It is not possible to distribute the individual examination components over several semesters, which is also regulated in the WU Examination Regulations.

All students are therefore advised to take this into consideration, especially when planning a study abroad (Auslandssemester). Several courses of International Accounting and Management Accounting & Control are offered at universities abroad as well, and can be therefore in many cases attended at WU partner universities during a study abroad. When planning your study abroad you can assess the courses' equivalency in terms of content through comparison of the courses’ syllabi.

We advise you to attend the courses of the SBWL International Accounting & Controlling in two semesters. The Courses II and III are to be attended directly after the Course I all in the same semester, the Courses IV and V in the following semester. The course capacity planning was namely carried out accordingly.

Registration Course I

Those students who have been admitted to the SBWL will be informed of the admission by e-mail no later than two weeks after the end of the registration deadline. A recording is only valid if you have received a confirmation by e-mail from us, an LPIS entry is not a valid entry confirmation.
These can then sign up between 16.09. - 18.09.2024 Course I - IFRS Accounting (LV-Nr. 0790 or LV-Nr. 1089). The admission is valid only in the semester of the registration. It is not possible to postpone participation in course I in a later semester.

Registration Course II - V

The registration for the courses II - V is done for all students via LPIS!

If you want to exchange the course, you can use the swap meet via LPIS during the registration time.

The institute can not carry out any course exchange requests.


If you cannot attend the course, please deregister in time