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Bachelor Theses


  • Our Department is not offering any specific courses of "Academic Writing" ("Grundlagen des wissenschaftlichen Arbeitens" - GWA). It is sufficient to attend any course of "Academic Writing" (GWA) from an optional field.

  • Our Department is offering the course of "Numerical Methods in Finance". BaWiSo 12 and BaWiRe 12 students can take this course instead of "Academic Writing" (GWA).

  • Bachelor thesis topics are assigned through a common application tool for Finance and Accounting based on students’ average grade rankings (see below).

  • You may attend the course of "Academic Writing" (GWA)/course of "Numerical Methods in Finance" simultaneously to working on your bachelor thesis, or have it completed in a previous semester. A completed course of "Academic Writing" (GWA)/course of "Numerical Methods in Finance" is not a requirement for the registration through the application tool.

Assignment Rules for the SBWL International Accounting & Controlling

The topics from International Accounting & Controlling are assigned centrally from the Department. It is necessary to register through the application tool (link for the application tool below).

All WU students that meet the study plan requirements for a bachelor thesis assignment can apply through the application tool. Ranking the students for the bachelor thesis assignment is carried out based on a field-specific student success number ("fachspezifische Studienerfolgskennzahl" - SEK) as follows:

  1. The SEK for the SBWL International Accounting & Controlling will rank the students who passed the first three SBWL course first, prior to all the other students.Within this group, students will be ranked based on their average grade composed of the SBWL courses I-III.

  2. Then, the students who passed the SBWL course I will be ranked.

  3. Followed by the students who succesfully completed the old SBWL Accounting.

  4. Afterwards, all the other students will be ranked, i.e. those students who did not complete any courses of the SBWL.

Within the three latter groups, the students will be ranked based on their general average grade (which involves all of the student's successfully completed courses).

For the average grade calculation, and for the completion of the courses the relevant dates are: the end of March (theses assignment in the summer semester) and the end of October (theses assignment in the winter semester).

Even though the completion of the entire SBWL International Accounting & Controlling is not a formal requirement for the bachelor thesis assignment, it is surely a benefit for the work on your bachelor thesis!

Bachelor Theses Application Tool: https://www.wu.ac.at/fas/lehre/gwa-ba/