Journal of East-West Business

Journal of East-West Busi­ness is a quar­terly journal that deals with contem­porary and emer­ging aspects of busi­ness studies, stra­te­gies, deve­lop­ment, and prac­tice as they relate to the Russian Fede­ra­tion, the new repu­blics of the Common­wealth of Inde­pen­dent States, and Eastern/Central Euro­pe-and busi­ness rela­ti­ons­hips with other coun­tries of the world.

The Journal of East-West Busi­ness is inter­na­tional in scope and treats busi­ness issues from compa­ra­tive, cros­s-­cul­tural, and cros­s-­na­tional perspec­tives. The editor-in-chief, WU professor Desis­lava Dikova, deputy director of the Compe­tence Center for Emer­ging Markets & Central and Eastern Europe, welcomes submis­sions from a wide range of topics.

The Edito­rial Board of the Journal is truly inter­na­tional and unites prac­ticing busi­nessmen and acade­mics of East and West in a common aim: to produce a journal oriented to busi­ness in the area that is rele­vant, readable, and credible.Go to Journal Home­page