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Der Brexit wäre mit dem Brexit nicht vorbei

Der Keynote Speaker des Grow East Congress 2019, Jan Zielonka, Professor für Europäische Politik an der Universität Oxford, erläutert in seinem aktuellen ZEIT-Beitrag, dass der Brexit kein rein…

Join us for Györ!

The CEE CercleWU invites members for free to an exclusive tour in English of the plant of Audi Hungaria in Györ.

Der Grow East Congress 2019 im Rückblick

Von neuen Narrativen für die EU bis zu „Invented in CEE“

Serbia - a magnet attracting investment from East & West / Review

We have provided for you a short summary of the most interesting questions and answers.

Festo Fellowship

We are proud to announce that our Competence Center members Prof. Phillip C. Nell and Jelena Cerar received Festo Fellowship for a research project focusing on management practices of manufacturing…