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„Der CEE Bonus ist aufgebraucht“

In einem Pres­se­ge­spräch mit „Die Wirt­schaft“ erläu­tert Arnold Schuh die aktu­ellen Entwick­lungen in CEE, das Aufkommen neuer Mitbe­werber wie China und die Bedeu­tung der Region für öster­rei­chi­sche...

The New Silk Road as a Door-Opener to the Markets of Central and Eastern Europe

Arnold Schuh, the Director of the Center, was invited to give a speech on the “Sympo­sium on New Markets for Hong Kong Electrical Appli­ance Indus­tries”.

What can we expect in China in 2018?

Over the past couple of months, Chinese Presi­dent Xi has posi­tioned many new leaders and made his objec­tives for China very clear, so the prac­tical imple­men­ta­tion of these poli­cies are now expected.

Are autocracies gaining ground against democracies?

The Bertels­mann Stif­tung’s Trans­for­ma­tion Index (BTI) has been analy­zing and moni­to­ring the quality of demo­cracy, market economy and gover­nance in 126 deve­lo­ping and trans­for­ma­tional coun­tries on a...

How to tap the mobile money opportunity in Emerging Markets?

McKinsey&Company esti­mates that the mobile money has the poten­tial to reach over 1.6 billion new retail cust­o­mers in emer­ging econo­mies and to increase the volume of loans extended to indi­vi­duals and...