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Headquarters of the future: The impact of digitalization on headquarters structures

Digitalization affects all areas of business these days - including the role headquarters (HQs) will play in the future. A recent study by Prof. Phillip Nell and PhD student Jan Schmitt in cooperation...

Serbia - a magnet attracting investment from East & West, 5.3.2019

Serbia has become the leading investment target in the Western Balkans in the last 10 years.

Annual Report 2018

We look back at a year that included great events and advancements in our mission of promoting emerging market and CEE topics. We thank all the people who supported us in our achievements.

Lenovo-IBM: Becoming a Global Leader; Günter K. Stahl, Andras Lengyel

This case completes the trilogy and attempts to answer the open questions raised in the A and B Cases.

Lenovo-IBM: Integration Challenges; Günter K. Stahl, Kathrin Köster

The focus of this case lies in the post-merger integration issues that Lenovo had to master in order to extract full value as well as synergies from its acquisition.