Meet our Members

13. Dezember 2023

Among our accomplished members is Wogene Berhanu Mena, a dedicated Teaching and Research Associate who joined the WU Gender and Diversity Institute in 2021. Wogene specializes in investigating working conditions and championing decent work within the global supply chain, with a specific focus on the garment and textile industries in the Global South.

Currently engrossed in a Ph.D. project, Wogene delves into the complexities of #CSR, global production networks, development, and the impactful realm of multiple stakeholder initiatives (MSI).

Wogene's passion for unraveling social inequality and advocating for diversity management within organizations adds invaluable depth to our the Competence Center for Emerging Markets & CEE’s expertise.

Get to know Wogene Berhanu Mena and our other dynamic members driving impactful research and change in relation to emerging economies.


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