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Forschungsbericht zu d. Auswirkungen d. Covid-19 Pandemie auf d. Volkswirtschaften & Unternehmen in Mittel- u. Osteuropa

Die Studierenden der Master Class CEE 2020-21 haben in ihrem Projektseminar zum Thema „The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on CEE economies and businesses“ geforscht. Dabei haben die Studierenden ein…

MC CEE 21/22

Congratulations to our new Master Class CEE graduates!

On June 16 we celebrated the successful completion of the MC CEE program by the cohort 2020-21.

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Sanctions and Countersanctions: The Czech Business Perspective

Due to the political crisis between the Russian Federation and countries condemning the annexation of Crimea, a mixture of economic, financial and diplomatic sanctions were imposed on the Russian…

Invitation Graduation Ceremony MC CEE

Master Class CEE Graduation Ceremony

The virtual Graduation Ceremony of our Master Class CEE 2020/21 takes place on Wednesday, June 16, 2021.

Overcoming Covid

Overcoming the Covid-19 Crisis: The Slovakian and Slovenian Business view - Review

We have provided for you a summary of the most interesting questions and answers.