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The following courses are offered for the Bachelor degree programs:

Official TitleEnglish TitleECTSSWSType
Fremdsprachliche Wirtschaftskommunikation IEnglish Business Communication 142PI
Fremdsprachliche Wirtschaftskommunikation IIEnglish Business Communication 232PI
Fremdsprachliche Wirtschaftskommunikation III (compulsory for IBW)English Business Communication 332PI
Fremdsprachliche Wirtschaftskommunikation IV (Compulsory for IBW under BaWISo12)English Business Communication 442LVP

Bear in mind the following rules

  • To take EBC2, you must have passed EBC1.

  • To take EBC3 or EBC4, you must have passed EBC2.

  • To take the EBC4 exam, you must previously have registered for the corresponding EBC4 course.

EBC Sequence

If you choose English as your first foreign language, you have to take the following courses:

  • Bachelor in Business, Economic and Social Sciences (WiSo):

    • Business Administration (BW): EBC1, EBC2

    • International Business Administration (IBW): EBC1, EBC2, EBC3 (& EBC4 for BaWiSo12 students)

Additionally, the following options may be open to you

  • If you are studying BW and have chosen a foreign language other than English in Part I, you can choose English as your Wahlfach in Part II, in which case you must take EBC1, EBC2 & EBC3.

  • For both BW and IBW, you may be eligible to attend "EBC5" as an elective; note that this course is not offered every semester, and you must have passed EBC1 and EBC2.

For detailed information about each of the courses see the Learn@WU platform. Also, please bear in mind that failure to complete a course in which you have submitted an assignment to be graded (such as class tests, homework, abstracts) will result in a negative grade on that particular course.