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Ursula Lutzky

PD. Dr. Ursula Lutzky

PD. Dr. Ursula Lutzky

Associate Professor

Deputy Head of Senate

Deputy Head of the Institute for Communication Management and Media


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Ursula Lutzky studied English, French and Finnish at the University of Vienna, where she completed her MA in English and French studies and her PhD in English Linguistics. During her PhD studies, she was awarded a DOC-scholarship by the Austrian Academy of Sciences, which allowed her to spend extended research visits at the Universities of Munich and Lancaster, UK. Before joining the Vienna University of Economics and Business, she worked as a Lecturer and Research Assistant at the English Department of the University of Vienna (2005-2010) and as a Senior Lecturer and BA Co-Course Director at the School of English at Birmingham City University, UK (2010-2016).

Research Interests

Ursula Lutzky's research interests include business communication (in particular customer communication), pragmatics (in particular speech acts and discourse markers), stylistics and corpus linguistics. That is to say that she is interested in studying ‘language in use’ in a variety of contexts and the stylistic effects that are created as a consequence. Her studies mainly use a corpus linguistic methodology, which means that she searches big data collections using specialised software, and she has experience in compiling and annotating (XML) corpora. More recently, she started a project on the use of the microblogging platform Twitter in customer communication.

Key Publications

Lutzky, Ursula and Kehoe, Andrew. 2022. “Using corpus linguistics to study online data”. In: Research Methods for Digital Discourse Analysis, ed. Camilla  Vásquez, 219-236. London: Bloomsbury.

Lutzky, Ursula. 2021. The Discourse of Customer Service Tweets. London: Bloomsbury.

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Lutzky, Ursula. 2020. Digital media and business communication. In: The Routledge Handbook of Corpus Approaches to Discourse Analysis, eds. Eric Friginal and Jack A. Hardy, 394-407. London: Routledge.

Lutzky, Ursula and Kehoe, Andrew. 2019. "Friends don't let friends go Brexiting without a mandate": changing discourses of Brexit in The Guardian. In: Discourses of Brexit, eds. Veronika Koller, Susanne Kopf and Marlene Miglbauer, 104-120. Oxon: Routledge.

Lutzky, Ursula and Lawson, Robert. 2019. Gender politics and discourses of #mansplaining, #manspreading, and #manterruption on Twitter. Social Media + Society 5(3). Open Access.

Lawson, Robert and Lutzky, Ursula. 2016. "Not getting a word in edgeways? Language, gender, and identity in a British comedy panel show". Discourse, Context and Media 13, 143-153.