Value-based Engineering


Value-based Engineering with IEEE 7000TM gives organization’s IT departments clear guidance on how to build ‘valuable’ technology in awareness of ethical issues. IT’s quality issues are seen and addressed early on in the innovation process. Risk of building technology degrading humanity is greatly reduced. Value-based Engineering with IEEE 7000TM helps building innovation narratives departing from science fiction and transhumanism.

    “I would give it 9/10”  Johanns Wedenig, Senior Manager UNICEF, Yoma project lead

    „I am convinced that the IEEE 7000TM approach can help to rise the potential of a company and to mobilize energies in an organization that were dormant before.”CEO of Vienna Telemedicine Start-up

    “I think this will have a significant value for any kind of new system design. Because you look at things at a very, very deep granular level.”  Lohan Spies, Yoma CTO

    „Value-based Engineering methodology with IEEE 7000™ gives companies a chance to move beyond theoretical guidelines, and to finally apply structured methodologies to ethically-aligned design.“ Ben Blend,  Ex-COO, Sensum, Partner, Loopers. Founder, Neoco.

    Case Study:

    Value-based Engineering with IEEE 7000TM was trialed with UNICEF in Africa building the Yoma Platform for African youth and talent development. Following the mainstream narrative of today’s IT innovation, Yoma was initially focused on an AI-driven talent calculation machine. Through Value-based Engineering it became a community platform for mutual and local support of African youth. Here is what the CTO Lohan Spies said in a debriefing interview about the project:

    UNICEF Feedback after doing Value-based Engineering with IEEE 7000TM:

    Video Interview Lohan Spies

    Interview Lohan Spies

    Why IT innovators should care about Value-based Engineering with IEEE 7000TM:

    • Using Value-based Engineering with IEEE 7000TM IT innovators see 10 critical value issues per person involved in the project where product roadmapping sees none

    • Investment decisions become significantly more realistic

    • Research has shown that using VbE/IEEE 7000TM innovation teams’ creativity around new products is boosted, sometimes doubling the number of ideas for a product

    • Using IEEE 7000TM makes the value mission of a company visible and transparent

    Why system developers should care about Value-based Engineering with IEEE 7000TM:

    • It provides a structured methodology for engineers to go from value principles to practice.

    • VbE strengthens system control and reactions to systems now often overlooked.

    • It offers full compatibility with existing system development procedures

    • It makes clear to system developers what a value means for a system

    • It makes clear what is required to integrate external services; including a critical enrollment or abandonment of AI components that are not controllable