Value-based Engineering


What Value-based Engineering is and how it works

VbE in a nutshell: Spiekermann, S. (2020). Spiekermann, S. (2020). Value-based Engineering: What it is and how it is a form of Life Engineering. Business & Information Systems Engineering Journal (BISE), forthcoming.

VbE for engineers and academics: Spiekermann, S., & Winkler, T. (2021 forthcoming). Value-based Engineering for Ethics by Design. forthcoming.

The details of how to do VbD (its early phases): Spiekermann, S., Winkler, T., & Bednar, K. (2019). Working Paper, A Telemedicine Case Study for the early phases of Value based Engineering. In I. f. I. a. Society (Ed.), (Vol. 1). Vienna: Vienna University of Economics and Business.

Why companies should use Value-based Engineering: The Business Benefit

Bednar, K., & Spiekermann, S. (2021 forthcoming). On the power of ethics: How value-based thinking fosters creative and sustainable IT innovation forthcoming

Winkler, T., & Spiekermann, S. (2019). Human Values as the Basis for Sustainable Information System Design. IEEE Technology and Society Magazine, 38(3), 34-43.


Ethical IT Innovation

A Value-Based System Design Approach

„This book is a must read for any marketer, PR person, engineer, scientist, programmer or developer.“
John C. Havens, Digital Ethics Thought Leader

„... a breakthrough volume; it will stand as essential reading and a primary reference in the further development of ethics and IT design, most especially as informed by virtue ethics approaches."
Professor Charles Ess, University of Oslo

"A fascinating, remarkable journey about the importance of ethics in the design and application of modern information technologies. Deeply researched and engrossing- -a book all innovators should read."
Professor Alessandro Acquisti, Carnegie Mellon University