Value-based Engineering


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Value-based Engineering

Value-based Engineering

A guide to building ethical technology for humanity

“This book will be the precious companion of every engineer and every manager, to understand how to build ethically aligned technologies, but also a resource to empower the interested citizen.” Raja Chatila, Professor at Sorbonne University, Paris

“This book is a testimony about a passionate journey leading from high-level principles and values to concrete and pragmatic guidance and practice.” Konstantinos Karachalios, Managing Director of the IEEE Standards Association, New York

“…Sarah Spiekermann belongs to the most significant voices of our times when it comes to Value-based Engineering…” Yvonne Hofstetter, Lawyer, Professor h. c. for Digitization and Society, CEO of 21strategies

Ethical IT Innovation

A Value-Based System Design Approach

„This book is a must read for any marketer, PR person, engineer, scientist, programmer or developer.“
John C. Havens, Digital Ethics Thought Leader

„... a breakthrough volume; it will stand as essential reading and a primary reference in the further development of ethics and IT design, most especially as informed by virtue ethics approaches."
Professor Charles Ess, University of Oslo

"A fascinating, remarkable journey about the importance of ethics in the design and application of modern information technologies. Deeply researched and engrossing- -a book all innovators should read."
Professor Alessandro Acquisti, Carnegie Mellon University

Digitale Ethik

Ein Wertesystem für das 21. Jahrhundert

“A must-read”
Andrian Krey, Süddeutsche Zeitung

“Sarah Spiekermann has produced a brilliant meditation on the digital age. Her purpose is powerful
and persuasive: to protect our humanity from the many dangers of digital technologies, including the
pervasive loss of privacy, addictive designs, incessant self-interruption, false online communities, and
the naïve belief that new technologies always mean better lives. Spiekermann’s range of insights is
remarkable and captivating: she takes us from Silicon Valley, to Aristotle’s ethics, to the history of the
West’s faith in technological progress, to fundamental questions of knowledge and human
values. This book is at once soaring in vision and utterly practical in application, an essential guide to
cultivating good lives in the digital age.”
Jeffrey Sachs, Columbia University, Special adviser to the United Nations (UN) on the Sustainable Development Goals