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Diversity and Inclusion in a global business environment

WU Executive Academy (Female Leadership Network) and STaR co-hosted WU Executive Insights: an evening event with Learning & Organization Behavior expert Josefine van Zanten...

ChangEDucation, ready or not?

Only 11% of WU students may be familiar with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The 6th annual Nachhaltigkeitstag / Sustainable Transformation Day took a step toward raising the SDG awareness...

What contribution can organizational scientists offer to confront climate disruption? (July 2)

STaR would like to draw your attention to the Research Seminar & Round Table Discussion with STaR WU member Giuseppe Delmestri at King's Business School, London (July 2, 2019)

Ecological Business Teachers Training Workshop (15-17 May)

The 3rd Teachers Training Workshop hosted by RCE Vienna and headed by STaR team member Christian Rammel. Livestream online!

Digital Transformation – The Case of Responsible Leadership and the VUCA World

STaR Fellow Christof Miska, Assistant Professor at the Institute for International Business, contributed a key note themed “Digital Transformation – The Case of Responsible Leadership and the VUCA…

Skilled Migrants in Austria: Needed but Unwelcome?

STaR hosted a panel discussion open to the WU Vienna community and to external audience, with the aim to raise awareness on the topic of high skilled migrants in Austria...

Joint Specialized Conference “Global Migrants: Understanding the Implications for International Business and Management” (April 11-12)

STaR, in cooperation with the WU Department of Management, and the Journal of World Business, hosted a specialized conference on global migrants that brought together leading researchers to discuss…

[UN]Blocked Conference: Blockchain and the SDGs (April 1-2, WU Campus)

STaR would like to draw your attention to an upcoming event organized by WU Research Institute for Cryptoeconomics and the RCE Vienna