Anna Golovko

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Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien

Department für fremdsprachliche Wirtschaftskommunikation

Institut für Slawische Sprachen

Welthandelsplatz 1, D2.3.200 (Eingang D)

A-1020 Wien

Tel.: +43 (1) 31336 5511



2011-2014: Bachelorstudium Sprachwissenschaft an der Universität Wien

2014-2017: Bachelorstudium Transkulturelle Kommunikation (Russisch, Deutsch, Spanisch) an der Universität Wien

2014-2018: Masterstudium Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft an der Universität Wien

seit 2017: Masterstudium Translation (Schwerpunkt: Konferenzdolmetschen mit Russisch, Deutsch, Spanisch) an der Universität Wien

seit 2019: PhD-Studium Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften an der Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien

Betreuerin: Univ. Prof. Dr. Nadine Thielemann

Aktuelle Forschungsprojekte

Relational work in intercultural project communication: A multimodal interaction analysis of an Austrian-Russian renewable energy project

The present study aims to examine communication between business partners from Austria and Russian-speaking countries in general, and specifically by focusing on how their relationships are built through communication.

In the first part of the project, semi-narrative interviews with stakeholders from various companies on both sides are conducted. The qualitative analysis of the interviews provides us with the opinions of both sides on the essential aspects of business communication, experiences of working with each other and suggestions on what the other side could improve.

In the second part of the project, an analysis of video-recorded interactions between business partners seeking to found a joint venture is carried out. The multimodal interaction analysis identifies the linguistic means used by interactants to establish rapport and to shape their interpersonal relationship, which is an important part of their business partnership.

The present PhD-project will contribute to the body of research on cross-cultural business communication and fill an important research gap by providing an analysis based on authentic video-recorded interaction data. This, in turn, will help to develop recommendations which could be used in cultural awareness trainings. These trainings are meant to prepare Austrian companies for establishing business contacts and conducting successful interactions with enterprises from Russian-speaking countries.


interkulturelle Wirtschaftskommunikation