Datenbank MOEL-Management

The "Data­base of Manage­ment in Central and Eastern Europe 1991-2011" (DMCEE) is the result of an inter­di­sci­pli­nary project within the WU rese­arch group Manage­ment Across Borders (MaxB) under the aegis of Wolf­gang Mayr­hofer. The data­base currently contains appro­xi­mately 3,000 biblio­gra­phical entries on the most rele­vant fields of inter­cul­tural manage­ment from busi­ness admi­nis­tra­tion, inter­cul­tural commu­ni­ca­tion, and socio­logy. Most of the entries include a short anno­ta­tion of their corre­spon­ding publi­ca­tions. The search func­tion is avail­able both in full text and field mode.

We would like to thank all cont­ri­bu­tors, espe­cially Therese Gars­ten­auer, Katha­rina Klingseis, Pauline Oberthaler, Alica Pflan­cerová, Oliver Pacolt, Adrian Ross­mann, Arnold Schuh, Nata­scha Vittorelli, Hanna Vintr and Michal Vlasák. The project was coor­di­nated by Edgar Hoff­mann and Arnold Schuh and tech­ni­cally realised by Wolf­gang Weit­laner and Iurii Bardych.