Datenbank MOEL-Management

The "Database of Management in Central and Eastern Europe 1991-2011" (DMCEE) is the result of an interdisciplinary project within the WU research group Management Across Borders (MaxB) under the aegis of Wolfgang Mayrhofer. The database currently contains approximately 3,000 bibliographical entries on the most relevant fields of intercultural management from business administration, intercultural communication, and sociology. Most of the entries include a short annotation of their corresponding publications. The search function is available both in full text and field mode.

We would like to thank all contributors, especially Therese Garstenauer, Katharina Klingseis, Pauline Oberthaler, Alica Pflancerová, Oliver Pacolt, Adrian Rossmann, Arnold Schuh, Natascha Vittorelli, Hanna Vintr and Michal Vlasák. The project was coordinated by Edgar Hoffmann and Arnold Schuh and technically realised by Wolfgang Weitlaner and Iurii Bardych.