Presentations of Project Results at Conferences


Meeting of Young Slavists, Dresden, Deutschland, April

Dionisi Nikolov: "The Concept 'Mission Statement' – Strategies of self-presentation of Russian Companies on their Websites" (in German)

The ARNOVA Conference, Indianapolis, IN, Vereinigte Staaten/USA, November

Ekaterina Ivanova: "The Role of Professional Associations as a Civil Society Actor in Russia"



Open Corporate Seminar of Severstal/European University St. Petersburg, March

Ekaterina Ivanova: “Russian professional associations: sleeping beauties, conservators of traditions or facilitators of societal development”

11th Intercultural Workshop “Intercultural communication and intercultural learning”, Dresden, May/June

Renate Rathmayr: “Positive Evaluation in Business Discourse: Compliments and Self-Praise” (in German)

International Conference “Global Advances in Business Communication” (Antwerp), May/June:

Therese Garstenauer: “Language Management and Language Use in International Companies Active in Russia”



Russian Language: Historical destinies and the present, V. International Congress of Scholars of Russian Language, Moscow State University, March

Edgar Hoffmann: "Lifestyle and architecture of the New Russians in Foreign Press" (in Russian)

Social Variants of Language VIII, Nizhnij Novgorod, April

Therese Garstenauer: "'Mystery Shopper' or 'Secret Buyer': Anglicisms in Contemporary Corporate Communication in Russia" (in Russian)

Ekaterina Ivanova: "Corporate Code of Ethics as a New Genre of Communication Employed by the Big Business in Russia" (in Russian)

Edgar Hoffmann: "The Image of Russian Business Abroad" (in Russian)

International Conference: Language and Method: Russian Language in Linguistic Research of the XXI Century, Cracow, Poland, May:

Renate Rathmayr: "Discourse Analysis of Oral Genres of Corporate Communication" (in Russian)

Lecture at the University of Hamburg, Germany, June:

Renate Rathmayr: "Yesterday in Tomorrow: Traditional Implicatures in the Modern Russian Economic Discourse" (in German)

12. Workshop Intercultural Communication and Intercultural Learning, June:

Katharina Klingseis:" Diskurs dress-koda, korporativnye identichnosti i individual'nye strategii razlichiia"

VII International Conference of the Russian Communication Association: Communication Strategies in Human Development, Pushkin/St. Petersburg, September

Renate Rathmayr: "Deviations from established genre norms: The case of job interviews" (in Russian)

Therese Garstenauer: "Uses of foreign languages and language management in company locations in Russia" (in Russian)

Ekaterina Ivanova: "Corporate code of ethics at the disposal of Russian business" (in Russian)

CADAAD (Critical Approaches in Discourse Analysis Across Disciplines), Budapest, September:

Therese Garstenauer: "Language uses and needs, language management, and power in Russian company locations" (in English)

Public Lectures in Bishkek, Kyrgyztan and Almaty, Kazakhstan, October:

Renate Rathmayr: "Discourse Analysis of Russian Corporate Communication. A View from the Outside" (in Russian)

“Ecology of Language and Communicative Practice”: Conference at the Siberian Federal University in Krasnojarsk, October:

Renate Rathmayr: "Who has more power? Change of Roles in job interviews: examples from practice" (in Russian)

Discourse as Social Practice: Priorities and Prospects, Conference at Moscow State University of Linguistics, October:

Edgar Hoffmann: "The Discourse of German-Language print media on Russian Business" (in Russian)

CEE Research Conference, Vienna University of Economics and Business, December

Therese Garstenauer: "Foreign language uses and language management in company locations in Russia"


SIETAR Culture Talk, WU Wien, January:

Edgar Hoffmann:Interkulturelle Businesskommunikation in Russland: Rede-Genres, Dress-Codes, Medienbilder mit Fokus auf "Das Bild des Westens vom Business in Russland"

Katharina Klingseis: Interkulturelle Businesskommunikation in Russland: Rede-Genres, Dress-Codes, Medienbilder mit Fokus auf "Dress-Codes in russischen Unternehmen"

Renate Rathmayr: Interkulturelle Businesskommunikation in Russland: Rede-Genres, Dress-Codes, Medienbilder mit Fokus auf "Bewerbungsgespräche in Russland"

XI. Shmelevskie chtenija, Moskau, Russische Föderation, February:

Edgar Hoffmann: "Diskursivnye aspekty zarubezhnogo obraza biznesa v Rossii"

Ekaterina Ivanova: "Upravlenie rossiiskimi kompaniiami cherez prizmu korporativnykh ėticheskikh kodeksov"

Katharina Klingseis: "Dress-kod i vestimentarnaia kommunikaciia"

Renate Rathmayr: "Diskursivnyi analiz izbrannych ustnych zhanrov russkoi korporativnoi kommunikacii"


Project results will be published in a monograph in Russian and made available as Open-Access-Publication. A total of 15 researchers have contributed to this oeuvre (cf. Authors).