Slavic Research Seminar

Vortrag Prof. Dr. Gulmyra Madiyeva/ Dr. Assem Akshola­kova/ Mag. Dinara Madiyeva (Al-Fa­rabi Kazakh National Univer­sity): Multi­lin­gual Educa­tion and Multi­lin­gua­lism Onomas­tics in Kazakhstan: Problems and Pros­pects

Zeit: 17:30 - 19:00 Uhr

Ort: WU, Gebäude D2, Eingang D, 2.OG, Bespre­chungs­raum D2.2.228 


Multi­lin­gual, multi­ethnic and multi-­re­li­gious compo­si­tion of the citi­zens of Kazakhstan deter­mines the nature of the country’s multi­cul­tu­ra­lism. The former and currently culti­vated tolerance allows the people of Kazakhstan to main­tain the internal stabi­lity in society that is condu­cive to the process of forma­tion of a national iden­tity. This is very important for a country in which there are more than 130 ethnic groups and 17 reli­gious deno­mi­na­tions. The basis of the national idea is the public consent for the peoples of Kazakhstan and their civil iden­tity. A balanced language policy that has provided insti­tu­tional support for the languages of the ethnic groups living in Kazakhstan has played a decisive role in the esta­blish­ment of social harmony and a culture of tolerance.

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