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In the framework of the ongoing Interreg project INDEED ...

... (INnovation for DEmentia in thE Danube Region), the NPO & SE Competence Centre provides business-related knowledge to stimulate entrepreneurial activity in the field of dementia care throughout the Danube region. One of the project objectives is to give dementia professionals an overview on how new dementia-related services can be developed sustainably. With this in mind, the NPO & SE Competence Centre is currently developing a guide on how to develop a business plan and gathering existing good-practice services and products in the field of dementia. All learning materials will be published on an interactive e-learning platform. 

From June to August 2019, Christian Schober, Constanze Beeck and Julia Wögerbauer collaborated with representatives of good-practice examples in the field of dementia in both Austria and Hungary, including

Oben links: Groß Renate, Fachärztin Psychiatrie

Oben rechts: Bramböck Verena, Leiterin der Koordinationsstelle Demenz Tirol (LIV)

Unten links: Deflorian Stefan, Kaufm. Geschäftsführer

© Christian Schober

Unten rechts: von li. nach re. Christian Schober, Kern Manuel, Mag. Czegka Beate, Constanze Beeck, Seiwald Cornelia, Alber Lisa

© Medienstudio der Tirol Kliniken


Next to other projects in the Danube region, the representatives of the four above-mentioned initiatives offered to contribute to the good-practices track of the INDEED e-learning platform. This is why the most relevant business-related aspects of each project – e.g. regarding its target group, its marketing activities or financial matters – were worked out in the course of several meetings or workshops. Finally, the representatives of each dementia-related initiative presented the business contents in shorter or lengthier good-practice videos, which will subsequently be published online.

We are looking back to several productive, but also fun, workshops and video shootings in Innsbruck, Vienna and Mosonmagyaróvár and would like to thank all project representatives for the great collaboration and their commitment to provide relevant content for other dementia professionals! 

This shows that INDEED is not only a great opportunity for transnational, but also for intra-national collaboration. Further information and continuous updates can be obtained from the INDEED website and from the INDEED project newsletter.