Sharing Sales Insights and Experiences with Experts from Harvard, MIT, and Dell Technologies

09. Juni 2021

Selling is a central aspect of marketing and learning selling skills can be useful for everyone. In the elective course “Personal Selling and Sales Management”, our students gain valuable guidance into personal selling techniques and sales management, also referring to sales leadership, motivation, and performance.

During the Summer semester 2021, we had a few eminent guest speakers as well, including:

  • Sharmila C. Chatterjee, Senior Lecturer in Marketing, MIT Sloan School of Management, on Value-based Selling (April 13, 2021), a critical personal-selling technique with customer value management orientation

  • Frank Cespedes, Senior Lecturer of Business Administration, Harvard Business School, on Salesperson Performance and Compensation (May 18, 2021), bringing in the links between compensation, evaluation, and motivation, what causes sales, and where incentives have an impact in the customer conversion funnel

  • John Hultman, VP of Worldwide Sales, Dell Technologies, on Planning and Managing Sales Career (May 25, 2021), where students gained some practical perspective about the needed steps in joining a potential sales career.

Many thanks to Sharmila, Frank, and John for sharing their insights and experiences with our students! We look forward to extending our list of distinguished academic and industrial guest speakers for Winter 2021/22!

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