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Selling the Fruits of One's Labor! New Top-Publication in the Journal of Marketing

02. Mai 2022

Digital platforms for self-made products such as Etsy or Amazon Handmade have experienced a fast-paced growth over the last years. Only in 2020 Etsy had around 4.4 million sellers and 82 million buyers, leading to a total transaction value of around $10 billion (Statista 2021).

These platforms open new financial opportunities, allowing small entrepreneurs and independent producers to sell their products to the consumers all over the world. Yet, selling self-produced products can bring much more than just money, it provides a sense of self-validation which is instrumental for one’s well-being. Do you want to find out more about it?

Check out a recent paper co-authored by faculty from WU’s Marketing Department published in the Journal of Marketing:
Schnurr B, Fuchs C, Maira E, Puntoni S, Schreier M, van Osselaer SMJ. Sales and Self: The Noneconomic Value of Selling the Fruits of One’s Labor. Journal of Marketing. 2022; 86(3):40-58.

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