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Research Talk by Anne-Laure Sellier, HEC Paris (FR)

07. Mai 2024

We had the pleasure of hosting Anne-Laure Sellier from HEC Paris as the most recent guest in our Research Seminar Series. She presented her lastest work on how slow and fast motion videography techniques evoke a sense of awe in consumers.

Awe is a powerful emotion triggered by perceptually vast stimuli that challenge our existing mental frameworks. While previous research has primarily focused on physical vastness, such as grand vistas or towering trees, as a source of awe, Anne-Laure's work explored how temporal distortion can also lead to this emotion.

In her talk, Anne-Laure discussed the findings from five preregistered studies that demonstrated how both slow motion and fast motion videography can inspire awe by altering our perception of time. When we experience time in a stretched out (slow motion) or compressed (fast motion) manner, it makes us realize the limitations of our own temporal experience and prompts us to reconsider our understanding of the world.

This research contributes to the literature on videography effects in marketing, which has thus far focused exclusively on slow motion, by examining the impact of fast motion as well. It also highlights the importance of awe in consumer research and reveals novel affective consequences of motion speed, which has previously been linked primarily to cognitive outcomes such as intentionality and size inferences.

We thank Anne-Laure for sharing her insightful research with us and sparking engaging discussions during her visit.

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