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Research Talk by Anatoli Colicev, University of Liverpool (UK)

19. Jänner 2024

In our last Marketing Research Seminar of the winter semester 2023/24, Professor Anatoli Colicev from the University of Liverpool illuminated a compelling avenue in corporate strategy – how businesses can mitigate risks using Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors. His exploration went beyond the academic jargon, providing insights that are not just for the business enthusiasts but for everyone keen on understanding the dynamics shaping our corporate landscape.

The focal point of Anatoli’s research lies in the realization that in addition to companies adopting ESG practices; it's equally about how everyday consumers and significant investors respond to these initiatives. Simplifying the complex interplay, he illustrated that when a company champions environmental sustainability (the 'E' in ESG), consumers embrace it. However, if there are governance setbacks (the 'G' factor), it's not received as positively.

Additionally, the study delves into how market competition amplifies these dynamics. When the business battlefield intensifies, being socially responsible (the 'S' factor) gets extra praise from consumers, while environmental responsibility (the 'E' factor) becomes a center of attention for institutional investors. Yet, intriguingly, good governance (the 'G' factor) seems to receive a more tempered response in challenging market scenarios.

Professor Colicev's seminar, far from a niche discourse, provokes the discussion of a wider audience. It uncovers the tangible impacts of corporate choices on the environment, social fabric, and governance – factors that influence not only how companies are perceived but also how they handle risks. We express our gratitude to Anatoli Colicev for sharing his insightful research and making this crucial aspect of corporate strategy accessible and engaging for all of us.

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