Blick in das LC Gebäude

Research Talk by Bram van den Bergh, Erasmus University Rotterdam, (NL)

16. Mai 2019

What would make you donate more money for a charity? Feeding one child with a thousand grains of rice or giving each of a thousand children a single grain of rice? Or in different terms: Would you rather prefer to spend your donation directly to a specific charitable cause or to an overhead? Bram van den Bergh from the Rotterdam School of Management presented his recent research dedicated at offering new insights into this important topic. Analyzing over 40.000 actual donation appeals Bram and his colleagues focused their research on unraveling the consequences of coupeling (associating donations with certain projects) and visually unpacking (providing a physical choice between different projects) on fundraising efficiency. His results show that coupling donation amounts with certain projects and offering consumers’ individual payment slips for each project positively affects consumers’ willingness to donate money to a charity and increases fundraising efficiency by more than 40 percent due to the opportunity to target. His research illustrates how the little changes in can make a great difference. We thank Bram for the fruitful exchange of ideas, experiences and insights and hope to welcome him back at the WU in the near future! (Johanna Palcu)

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