Blick in das LC Gebäude

Creative Thinking – Insightful Guest Talks from Marcello Demner (DMB) and Dr. Tobias Eismann (Siemens AG)

07. Mai 2024

As part of Master of Science in Marketing course “Creative Thinking,” we had the honor of welcoming two excellent guest speakers and experts in the field of creativity: Marcello Demner (Managing Director and Creative Producer at Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann) and Dr. Tobias Eismann (founder and head of the Siemens Creativity Lab).

The course aims to provide students with insights into how to consistently leverage their own individual creativity as well as how to manage teams to work creatively in order to solve complex problems and drive change within organizations.

Marcello shared valuable insights into the creative tools and approaches of his agency with the students. He discussed several different creative working styles and presented several successful examples of their creative work. Tobias talked about his work at the Siemens Creativity Lab and how he and his team is trying to make Siemens employees more creative. He also shared fascinating insights into human creativity and psychology. The students engaged in lively discussion with both Marcello and Tobias.

We would like to thank Marcello and Tobias for sharing their creativity and valuable experiences with us!

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