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The key focus subjects taught at the Department ISOM are characterized by competent, high-quality teaching. They impart business administration knowledge paired with IT skills. Systematically researched questions focus on solving business-administration-related problems through the targeted use of information technology. Teaching and research in these fields are analytical (e.g. the analysis of algorithms), constructive (e.g. creating models or software systems), and quantitative (e.g. surveys, analyzing digital protocol data, communications data, network information).

The Department ISOM supports the integrative and innovative application of information technologies in a business context, resulting in continuous progress in productivity and new fields of activity. The Department ISOM cooperates closely with other business administration departments, research institutes, and the business community. Research findings from the Department ISOM’s key research areas are communicated internationally at conferences and through publications in academic journals.

The acceptance of papers or talks for publication after peer review confirms the high quality of the faculty’s research, and numerous nominations and awards provide further recognition. The main areas focused on by the individual institutes are reflected in their teaching and current research activities. For further details, please see the websites of the individual institutes.