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Equal Treatment

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Professional and ethical behavior is the responsibility of all WU employees. It is crucial that each employee knows what is right and appropriate in every situation. Our department seeks to ensure this behavior by placing an emphasis on communication and transparent rules.

Departmental Communication Channels

Additionally to WU's ombuds office for students, the following department members act as ombudswomen for students and employees and can receive any academic or work related complaints, conflicts or suggestions for improvements related to our Department.
Univ.Prof. Dr. Sarah Spiekermann-Hoff

Mag. Julia Landgraf

All matters can and will be handled confidentially.

Furthermore, you are welcome to use our anonymous feeback-box (mailbox) located at the Front Office for written notes.

WU Code of Conduct

The WU has an official Code of Conduct, which establishes guidelines for all employees including the external lecturers.