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Master Thesis Topics

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We supervise master theses in the following areas: 
  • Advertising Effectiveness

  • Ad Viewability

  • Cross-Channel Advertising Effects

  • Greenwashing

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Native Advertising

  • Privacy Concerns in Online Advertising

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Targeting & Tracking in Online Advertising

  • Video Live-Streaming 

  • …and more!!!

We are happy to talk about your master thesis suggestions as well. Just get in touch with Nadia ABOU NABOUT!

Maybe it also helps you to take a look at master thesis topics by former students.Here are some IMSM master theses from the past:

StudentTopicSupervised by…
Cristian HernandezShort Term Impact of Participation in Charity Events for Twitch StreamersNadia ABOU NABOUT
Sylvana WolfslehnerTargeting on Social Media: Is broad, narrow, or top-uptargeting more effective?Nadia ABOU NABOUT
David SchwarzenbacherAdvertising Effectiveness of Display Ads in Social Media versus High-Quality MediaNadia ABOU NABOUT
Agnieszka KocotHow Influencer Marketing Affects Perceived Brand PersonalityNadia ABOU NABOUT
Assel KushkunovaProgrammatic Advertising in the Post Third-Party Cookie EraNadia ABOU NABOUT
Andrea SteindorferA Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?–Native advertising and ad disclosure inhigh-quality journalism and its effects on the evaluation of the publisherNadia ABOU NABOUT
Dominik ThürridlImpact of ad-partner and ad-type on the credibility of online publishersNadia ABOU NABOUT
Gaia FiordispiniExploitation of Social Media and Consumers’ PerceptionsNadia ABOU NABOUT
Elitsa KostadinovaThe effect of brand control and sponsored content on influencers and users on InstagramUlrike PHIELER
Doris GeafarDoing well by Tweeting good? How Corporate Social Advocacy affects Social Media EngagementUlrike PHIELER
Filipa de Matos Amaral Brites CarvalhoHow does message content type of Facebook ads influence users' engagement?Ulrike PHIELER
Nikol KhamroalievaOptimizing the influencer composition in influencer marketing campaigns.Ulrike PHIELER
Hanna Teresa GlückThe impact of the congruence between Influencer personality and brand personality.Ulrike PHIELER
Reshma VelikkakathAn independent monitoring system for online green claims: Effects on brand authenticityAlicja GRZADZIEL
Anna Reifeltshammer(Fake) Pride Marketing and its Effects on Brand Perception and Purchase IntentionAlicja GRZADZIEL