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Winter semester 2021/22

Communicating leadership

Video WU matters. WU talks. - Communicating Leadership

WU matters. WU talks. -…

Virtual forms of work and peer leadership are increasingly replacing a culture of presence and supervision. Social media create an illusion of immediacy. Internal and external stakeholders influence corporate values. As part of this transformation process, traditional leadership functions are not only being questioned, but redefined. What does it mean to be a “leader” today? What characterizes successful management communication? We will be discussing the role of communication within the context of today’s new leadership culture.

Opening Lecture & Moderation:

Miya Komori-Glatz, Senior Lecturer, Institute for English Business Communication, WU Vienna


Barbara Grohs, creating|authentic|impact Reputation Management and Consulting

Gerlinde Mautner, Professor, Institute for English Business Communication, WU Vienna

Birgit Parkos-Greger, Executive Coaching and Employer Branding

Johannes Steyrer, Professor, Interdisciplinary Institute for Management and Organizational Behavior, WU Vienna