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Cities4PEDs – Positive Energy Districts and Neighbourhoods

Research field: Urban Transformations Towards Sustainability: A Law and Governance Perspective

Positive energy districts and neighbourhoods (PEDs) have been subject to research predominantly from a technological and energy perspective, often with a focus on electricity and related to new buildings. Existing regulation mostly targets the building level (with known possibilities for intervention) but not the level of districts and neighbourhoods. A broader implementation of the PED concept therefore requires a special focus on legal, institutional and organisational issues and a focus on the main actors, the cities, to develop effective instruments and structures.

The research project Cities4PEDs, which is funded under the JPI Urban Europe aims to address these issues: the cities of Vienna, Brussels and Stockholm collaborate with experts in research and innovation in order to jointly explore how relevant legal instruments and planning processes in cities need to be adapted to realise PEDs. Moreover, to ensure long-term engagement and follow-up the project will explore possible solutions for the missing administrative existence of the district/neighbourhood level. Ideas and findings are reflected and validated in multi-stakeholder groups in each city. With the commitment from a European-wide network and in dialogue with more cities, a transnational community of practice will be stimulated. Results will be summarised in key recommendations for take-up and advancement.

Under the guidance of Prof. Verena Madner, the Research Institute for Urban Management and Governance will in particular focus on the analysis of legal issues in the context of enabling PEDs. Based on in-depth scrutiny of the city’s legal framework, the aim is , inter alia to gain insight into existing steering possibilities and to identify legal levers to promote the development of PEDs. The findings will feed into the key deliverables of the project, including the PED atlas and PED guide.

WU Project Lead: Univ.Prof. Dr. Verena Madner

Partners: Architecture Workroom Brussels vzw (overall project management), Urban Innovation Vienna GmbH (local project coordinator), Ville de Bruxelles, Stockholms Stad, 3E N.V., City Mine(d) vzw, Stadt Wien – MA 20, Wien 3420 Aspern Development AG, UAS Technikum Wien

Funding: JPI Urban Europe via Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)

Duration: 31.01.2021 - 31.12.2022