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Network and external collaboration

We provide empirical methods and conceptual studies that are so needed to design analytical solutions to organizational problems.

Our academic faculty and graduate students from many different disciplines are connected by this research platform: we believe this approach is essential for generating powerful ideas and their implementation to tackle organization’s future needs. Together, we aim to positively shape the understanding of digital solutions in organizations for sustainable developments in our society.

Research collaboration

  • Share data with CSBA researchers: From descriptive and diagnostic analytics uncovering hidden relationships and patterns, to building predictive and prescriptive models for augmented decisions, sharing data enables firms to enact and validate data-driven processes.  

  • Analyze a specific research question: Interested in applying state-of-the-art methods for a specific problem? Developing novel approaches for your proprietary scenario? CSBA’s interdisciplinary researchers are equipped to collaboratively investigate and deliver value-adding solutions with and for your business.  

  • Work with or fund a Master’s thesis or PhD dissertation: Unique problems require innovative solutions. A Master or PhD thesis is an ideal method to have highly qualified, dedicated students, guided by CSBA researchers, developing novel approaches or methods over a longer period of time in a sustained collaboration.  

Partner in the classroom

  • Experiential learning: In CSBA courses, firms contribute data concerning real business problems. Student teams integrate strategy and analytics to suggest a portfolio of real solutions.

  • Guest lecture: CSBA coordinates guest lectures on novel and emerging business analytics topics. 

Professional and workforce development