Blick auf die Loungesessel in der Erholungszone vor dem D4 Gebäude.

The WU Vienna Center for Strategic Business Analytics brings together researchers, industry professionals, and students to conduct cutting-edge, world-class research in data-driven decision making. Utilizing the diverse methodological expertise of its members, it facilitates the application of data science techniques for business problems. 

Prof. Richard Crowley Workshop


Prof. Richard Crowley (SMU School of Accountancy - Singapore Management University) has presented the paper titled “Algorithm Access for All: Information Processing Democratization via GitHub,” co-authored with Stephanie Cheng, Pengkai Lin, and Yuan Zhao (available upon request).

The WU Vienna CSBA have also hosted an interactive technical workshop specifically suited for PhD students, “ML for Text Analytics in Accounting Research.” The workshop was led by Prof. Richard Crowley.

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