Garagenaufgang zwischen dem AD und D4 Gebäude

Research Institute for Spatial and Real Estate Economics


Associate Prof. PD Stefanie Peer Ph.D. is Head of the Research Institute for Spatial and Real Estate Economics, Associate Prof. Dr. Andreas Novy is Deputy Head of the Research Institute.

Further faculty members are Associate Prof. Dr. Dieter Gstach, Prof. Dr. Georg Kodek, Associate Prof. Dr. Gunther MAIER, Associate Prof. Dr. Michael Theil, and Associate Prof. Dr. Franz Tödtling.

The goal of this cooperation between WU Wirtschaftsuniversitaet Wien and the business community, sponsored by Immofinanz AG, Vienna, is to establish an internationally recognized research center in the field of spatial and real estate economics. The Research Institute conducts independent research in real estate economics and the related field of spatial economics with an eye to practical applications. The Institute provides opportunities to establish and strengthen close cooperations between WU scholars and international research teams, and to exchange ideas and experiences with the industry.

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