In the WU's BA programs, we offer engaging, interactive, and workshop-style courses in Cross-Cultural Competence (CCC), where students delve into culture and intercultural communication, focusing on various aspects of everyday and university life in the regions and countries where the students will spend a semester abroad. 

The course International Business Communication is informed by our research and prepares students to deal with various challenges that they will face in culturally and linguistically diverse workplaces. The course Skills in International Business Communication with a focus on intercultural negotiations provides students with a toolkit for negotiating in multicultural and multilingual settings through practical exercises and negotiation simulations. In addition, we are responsible for selected language courses (e.g., Business Russian).

In the MA program Business Communication, we are responsible for the intercultural communication component. In Intercultural Business Communication and Intercultural Communication & Area Studies, our students gain insights into the challenges organizations and their members encounter in a globalized landscape. They learn to develop and implement solutions to deal with cultural and linguistic diversity within organizations and in communication with stakeholders. Intercultural Competence: A Virtual Teamwork Simulation is a practically oriented course where WU students engage in a simulation game with students from other universities to learn to deal with the complexities and challenges in intercultural interpersonal communication. Finally, we are responsible for a faculty-driven Applied Research Project, where the students delve into the methodological, conceptual, ethical, and practical aspects of qualitative research in intercultural communication. We also supervise theses dealing with topics in intercultural communication.

On the doctoral level, we contribute to the program in business and social sciences by providing research-based seminars in intercultural business communication.

Annotated course catalog

For the status of all courses in the current semester, please see the annotated online course catalog under "Slawische Sprachen".

Final Theses

We supervise theses dealing with intercultural business communication. The theses may refer to Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe, or to the globalized world in general.

We supervise qualitatively focused theses that build on ethnographic designs, interviews, case studies, or discourse analysis with reference to intercultural business communication, such as issues and challenges related to migration, interactions and policies in culturally diverse workplaces, remote collaboration across the globe, and issues in organizational culture.


Univ. Prof. Dr. Nadine Thielemann, M.A.

doc. Mgr. František Tůma, Ph.D.

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