Workshop Business Communication East and West

19 April 2018, WU (Vienna University of Business and Economics)

Today, companies are facing new challenges due to the linguistic, cultural and social diversity of their employees, customers and associates. These issues relate mainly to internal and external business communication and are a consequence of, for instance, the increasing importance of international networks, expansion to new markets, and growing staff mobility. The linguistic and communicative research on business communication, as carried out by the Department for Foreign Language Business Communication at WU and the Research Unit Business Communication at the University of Warsaw, offers innovative insights into the current context. This one-day workshop presents findings of research projects by members from both institutions. It is aimed at an audience of scholars from fields including linguistics and communication studies as well as business studies. Additionally, it offers the opportunity of engaging in a dialogue with representatives of companies and organisations that face the aforementioned communicative challenges in their work environment.

Organisation: Prof. Dr. Nadine Thielemann, Dr. Dennis Scheller‐Boltz (Institute for Slavic Languages, WU), Dr. Ursula Lutzky (Institute für English Business Communication WU) and Mag. Magdalena Berecki-Pernkopf (Intercultural Competence WU).

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