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Intercomprehension in Slavic languages

Intercomprehension in Slavic languages

Content of the project was the creation of a spoken corpus of basic communicative situations by Slavic native speakers with the goal of researching intercomprehension between Slavic languages. The main emphasis is primarily the mutual intelligibility of basic communicative units allowing first contact and which should represent a linguistic-communicative minimum for communicating in a foreign language environment. The questions that were asked in such a study were on the one hand related to actually observed difficulties in understanding and on the other to the possibilities of utilization of these results for didactics in the context of multilingual training. The following questions in particular were to be answered; between which Slavic languages do particularly serious comprehension difficulties exist, and what different degrees of intercomprehension as a function of the source language and the degree of fluency in the source language can be found.

Project manager: Christof Heinz

Partner: Marion Krause

Duration: 2006-2009