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Linguistikzirkel 17.05.2021

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Jurgen Willems (Institut für Public Management & Governance, WU Wien): Stereotypical associations about professions (17.05.2021 17-19 Uhr virtuell über Zoom)

Linguistikzirkel 05.05.2021

Dr. W. Timothy Coombs (Texas A&M University, College of Liberal Arts, Department of Communication), "Understanding “Bad Choices” in Crisis Communication: A Behavioral Crisis Communication Approach" …

Linguistikzirkel 31.03.2021

Dr. Carolin Debray, Institute of Intercultural Communication, University of Hildesheim: Constructing good relations through troubles talk in intercultural teams (17-19 Uhr, virtuell über Zoom)

Linguistikzirkel 11.05.2021

Dr. Gernot Howanitz (Institut für Slawistik, Universität Innsbruck) "Osteuropäische Propaganda im Kontext. Deep Learning anhand eines Korpus politischer YouTube-Clips" (18-20 Uhr virtuell Zoom)

Linguistikzirkel 16.03.2021

Prof. Gerlinde Mautner (WU, Vienna) and Prof. Mark Learmonth, Durham Business School (UK) "False positives: Critiquing the language of leadership" (18:00 - 20:00, virtuell über MS Teams)