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Culture & impact - our current research project with the Ministry for European and International Affairs


How does it feel when museums are closed, concerts are cancelled and many cultural offers are not available?

Before March 2020: a difficult, highly unrealistic idea in our world. From March 2020: Thanks to the Corona crisis, unfortunately reality, at least as far as art live and on location is concerned. Current offers in the cultural sector can be found online at most.

In our projects on impact analysis and impact measurement, however, this logic of an alternative scenario - "What if xy no longer exists? - is always a central component when it comes to identifying effects.

This is also the case in our project on the effects of the BMEIA's foreign cultural work, where we are using an impact model to explore what effects are produced by the BMEIA's activities and funding in this area. We then use the impact model as a basis for the development of impact indicators for an ongoing and adequate evaluation of the effects of international cultural activities.

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