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Heropreneurship? Enabling resilience and wellbeing of Social Entrepreneurs (cancelled)


On September 29th there will be a special breakfast on “Heropreneurship? Promoting resilience and wellbeing of social entrepreneurs” with participation of the Social Entrepreneurship Center, Social Impact Award and the Hil Foundation.

[Due to the worsening COVID19 situation, we have decided to cancel this event until further notice. We ask for your understanding and would like to invite you to contact us if you are interested in the subject of resilience and wellbeing of social entrepreneurs.]

Especially in times of crisis, the calls for heroes get stronger and stronger, since they offer hope and inspiration. Social entrepreneurs are often presented as heropreneurs: They save the world, help disadvantaged people, earn money, become immediately active in a crisis with full innovative strength and all of this at the same time. But what does that actually mean for the social entrepreneurs themselves and what are the effects of such enormous pressure situations? How can stakeholders such as foundations, intermediaries or interest groups prevent causing additional pressure, but rather strengthen the resilience and wellbeing of social entrepreneurs?

These questions are examined and discussed together over this special breakfast. As an introduction to the topic, Peter Vandor will present the scientific findings on resilience and wellbeing of social entrepreneurs, which have arisen, among others, from the collaboration between the Social Entrepreneurship Center and the Social Impact Award. Further SIA alumna Hannah Lux will report on her personal experience as a social entrepreneur and describe the effects of the COVID-19 crisis and her crisis interventions. Finally, the aim is to create a setting to discuss the scientific findings and impressions from social entrepreneurial practice and to exchange options for action in the field.

We would like to expand our gratitude for the cooperation with the Social Impact Award and the Hil Foundation in the course of this event and we look forward to a stimulating exchange. Lukas Weissinger will be happy to provide you with further information.

COVID-19 regulation: We would like to point out that this event can only take place as a closed internal event due to the COVID-19 regulations. In your own interest to comply with social distancing rules and other preventive measures, only people who are already on the list of participants can participate.

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