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These are the winners of the Austrian Social Impact Award 2023!


Vienna, October 2, 2023 - The new generation of social entrepreneurs in Austria was honored with the Social Impact Award (SIA) 2023: Independo, INDIMA, Pflegezeit and ComCom took home the Jury Award, while ALL CAPS secured the Community Award and UseYourRight the Audience Award. The pitching in front of the top-class jury and the festive award ceremony afterwards took place at the Impact Hub Vienna.

All 10 finalist projects took part in the three-month incubation program and thus participated in the joint bootcamps with SIA Germany. They also had access to team-specific mentoring, a pool of experts and have produced short videos presenting their project idea. After this incubation program, 4 jury 1 community voting and 1 audience voting winning projects were then selected at the final awards ceremony, each receiving prize money of €3,500 to further develop their project. This competition took place in all 18 countries where SIA is present.

The full story of the Award Ceremony can be found here: 

So who are now the 10 finalist projects of the SIA Austria 2023?

Independo is a digital non-verbal calendar diary for people with cognitive disabilities that outputs appointments in the form of pictograms and audio.

The automatic evaluation of qualifications acquired abroad by migrants as well as information on further training opportunities are intended to combat the shortage of skilled workers in Upper Austria.

An app that shows the person in need of care as a person and not just the illness the person is suffering from. Above all, this app should be easy to use and show interests (DO's and DON'Ts) of the patients.

UseYourRight. Your Right to Housing. The AI-based online platform for basic social legal services, which makes housing rights understandable and clearly accessible.

A sustainable mushroom production that utilizes paper as substrate. Mainly waste paper and cardboard scraps are recycled, which serve as a nutrient base for an edible mushroom cultivation.

With the help of our platform, very small & small farms in the EU can get access to more resources (monetary: subsidies from EU & intellectual: personalized learning plan for sustainable transformation).


WaldWand develops living moss modules for facades. The balanced combination of specific moss species, cultivation and the material used support the developed concept. We want to create a new cityscape.

We aim to reduce the harm caused by cement worldwide by using discarded sewage sludge ash and providing a cost-effective, carbon-negative partial substitute product that reinforces the quality of concrete and builds structures to last.

One-to-One supports people with disabilities in finding assistive devices that meet their individual needs.

ComCom provides free interpreting services via video or audio call to improve communication between hearing and deaf people. This facilitates the integration of the deaf into society and improves their quality of life.

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