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The Global Impact Report 2022 by Social Impact Award is here!


137 cities reached, 8.000+ Global workshop and event attendees, 156 ventures that went through the incubation, 15.700+ Global community votes for 2022’s SIA ventures.

2022 was a transformative year. From wars & conflicts to an unfolding climate crisis and rising economic uncertainty, this year felt like a breaking point. From successfully running the SIA program in Ukraine to impacting over 8000 young social innovators, see how SIA’s global community rose to the challenge in the Global Impact Report 2022.


By inspiring youth with stories from thousands of local social entrepreneurs, SIA raises awareness about social entrepreneurship as a potential career path and vehicle for civic engagement. SIA’s globally-aligned communications campaigns and yearly Community Voting, where the public votes for their favorite venture pitch video, have helped strengthen SIA’s role as an inspirational platform for youth to discover the field of social entrepreneurship.

  • 75,3 % Workshop participants felt that SIA helped them understand whether or not to become a social entrepreneur.

  • 78,9 % Workshop participants felt that SIA inspired them to further explore work in the impact sector.


SIA offers free-of-charge and highly accessible workshops, events, and webinars that allow youth to discover the field of social entrepreneurship and kick-start their journey as social innovators. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, SIA has felt an increasing responsibility to expand their educational offerings and improve access to them. This year’s successful implementation of their educational formats around the world was a steady step in the right direction.

  • 85,2 % Workshop participants felt that SIA helped them increase their overall knowledge about the field.

  • 65,9 % Workshop participants felt that SIA increased their ability to start a social venture.


SIA supports the most promising young social entrepreneurs with know-how, mentoring, access to networks, and pre-seed funding. They also provide a wide range of offerings to strengthen their resilience and their venture’s resilience. By providing spaces and resources that respond to individual alumni needs, they are able to foster sustainable and innovative social ventures that have all the right tools to address the most pressing issues of our time.

  • 89,2 % Venture teams have a deep understanding of how their product/service can address the challenge.

  • 92,7 % Venture teams found their mentor helpful for the development of their venture.


SIA connects young social entrepreneurs, experts, partners, and supporters with one another to nurture national and global communities and enable peer-to-peer support. In 2022, they expanded their efforts to build strong ties across borders by launching new international alumni community offerings and organizing the largest Summit in SIA history.

  • 335 Alumni participating in international SIA offerings.

  • 58,6 % Venture teams will actively engage in advocacy work for their cause.

To the full report: https://socialimpactaward.net/global-impact-report/

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