Hintere Außenansicht des D2 Gebäudes


Dr.rer.soc.oec. Reinhard Millner

Reinhard Millner

Division Manager, Senior Researcher
Responsibilities: Co-founder of the Social Entrepreneurship Center. Research and Teaching Subjects: Foundations, Social Entrepreneurship, Social Return on Investment, Corporate Social Responsibility, Cooperation between NPOs, Market Economy and Public Sector
Dr. Peter Vandor

Peter Vandor

Head of Social Entrepreneurship Center, Senior Researcher
Responsibilities: Co-founder and Head of the Social Entrepreneurship Center. Research: Social entrepreneurship, migrant entrepreneurship, mental wellbeing and internationalisation among social entrepreneurs, civil society in CEE Founder of Social Impact Award.
Mag.Dr. Paul Rameder, MSc.

Paul Rameder

Senior Researcher
Responsibilities: Volunteer Management, Volunteering and Social Inequality, Community Service and Service Learning, Social Innovation, Nonprofit Management, Group Dynamics and Team Development, Leadership Development
Martin Mehrwald, MSc.

Martin Mehrwald

Responsibilities: Project Coordinator of the NGO Academy
Mag. Yvonne Reif, MSc (WU)

Yvonne Reif

Programme Coordination
Responsibilities: Project Coordinator of the NGO Academy
Melina Matzawrakos, BA, BSc (WU)

Melina Matzawrakos

Junior Researcher
Responsibilities: Wissenschaftliche Begleitung des Social Impact Awards
Marianne Mann, M.Sc.

Marianne Mann

Project Coordinator
Responsibilities: Project Coordination of the NGO Academy
Linda Gotsmy, BSc

Linda Gotsmy

Student assistant
Responsibilities: Support with scientific project work
Klara Lentz, LL.B.

Klara Lentz

Scientific Project Assistant
Responsibilities: Support of the NGO Academy
Fabian Hobodites, MSc (WU)

Fabian Hobodites

Research Assistant
Responsibilities: His main research projects are the European Social Enterprise Monitor Austria (ESEM) a project on migrant entrepreneurship and the Impact Hub survey