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Research Institute for Supply Chain Management

About us

The Re­search In­sti­tute for Sup­ply Chain Man­age­ment (RI SCM) tackles re­search ques­tions con­cern­ing the in­teg­ra­tion of the ma­ter­ial, in­form­a­tion and fin­an­cial flows between dif­fer­ent com­pan­ies, which try to act like a single unit (“in­ter­-­com­pany Sup­ply Chain”) when ful­filling the con­sumers' wishes to the highest possible ex­tent, as well as the co­ordin­a­tion of several func­tional de­part­ments within a single com­pany (“in­tra-­com­pany Sup­ply Chain”).

In order to cover all aspects of SCM vari­ous skills of many scien­ti­fic areas have to be brought to­gether. Con­sequently, the in­sti­tute con­sists of an in­ter­dis­cip­lin­ary re­search team bund­ling the know­ledge of five pro­fess­ors from three dif­fer­ent de­part­ments and of fur­ther spe­cial­ists from science and prac­tice.