Das D2 Gebäude von innen.

Emphasis in Research

Existing research focuses: The department teaches and researches in most fields of business and private law. The following fields are at the core of the department’s research efforts:

contract law
tort law
law of obligations
banking law, bank contract law and law of collateral
insurance law
civil law, civil procedure law and insolvency law
international private and procedural law
inheritance law and estate succession
land register law
law of property
law of product liability
business law, company law and capital market law
mergers and acquisitions
accounting law
competition law, antitrust law
intellectual property law and IT law
individual- and collective labour
social law
CEE business law (in cooperation with FOWI Research Institute for CEE business law)

The activities of the department’s faculty are updated regularly in their curricula, which are published on the academic entities’ websites.

Library Law