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Bachelor’s Thesis

Bachelor’s degree students interested in our Institute’s research areas are invited to submit a thesis proposal on their topic of interest.
An overview of the Institute’s supervisors and research areas can be found here.

To apply for supervision, please fill out this application form and take sufficient time to answer its questions. If you have already prepared an exposé, you may attach this, too.

The complete application has to be sent via email to pepp@wu.ac.at. Once the research proposal is accepted by the institute’s thesis coordinator, the student will be allocated to a supervisor. Acceptance and allocation also depend on the free capacities of the available supervisors.

Bachelor’s theses may be written in English or German.

Please also consider the formal requirements applicable when writing a Bachelor’s thesis at WU.  

Master’s Thesis

We invite master’s students to follow the application form's guidelines and directly contact potential supervisors via email. All further steps can be discussed with the potential supervisor.