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"Local Government Auditing in Austria": New chapter in an edited volume

Tobias Polzer (together with Sebastian Vith and Günter Bauer) gives an overview of the ‘organizational landscape’ of local government auditing in Austria


"Remaining the same or becoming another?": New critical commentary paper in Urban Studies

Stephan Leixnering and Markus Höllerer on adaptive resilience versus transformative change in cities


ÖVO-Dialog: "Krise und Transformation: Die neue Arbeitswelt gestalten" mit Angelika Reich

Vortrag: 09.05., 17:00 Uhr | Gebäude LC, Galerie

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Dennis Jancsary is WU's Researcher of the Month

The “Researcher of the Month” series was introduced in 2016 and recognizes the research achievements of distinguished scholars.