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Conferences and Summer School

Michaela Neumayr

20th Conference of the European Network for Social Policy Analysis (ESPAnet), 12-16 September, Wien/Österreich.

Universal childcare? Explaining unequal access to formal childcare in Vienna

Pennerstorfer, A. (Redner*in) Neumayr, M. (Redner*in) Dieter Pennerstorfer (Ko-Autor*in)


15th International Conference of the International Society for Third-Sector Research (ISTR), 12-15 JULY  2022, Montreal/Canada.

Explaining Non-Profits' Location Choices: Why Non-Profit Childcare Facilities are Unequally Accessible to Children in a Universalist Childcare System

Pennerstorfer, A. (Ko-Autor*in) Neumayr, M. (Ko-Autor*in) Dieter Pennerstorfer (Ko-Autor*in)


Julia Litofcenko

ISTR: International Society for Third Sector Research, 15th International Conference, 13 July 2022

Global Generosity in Times of Crisis: Enabling generosity when it is needed most

Hagai Katz (Redner*in), Vamstad Johan (Redner*in), Julia Litofcenko (Redner*in) & Daniel Arnesen (Redner*in)


Lisa Schmidthuber, Leila Cornips, Julia Litofcenko, Florentine Maier

European Group for Organizational Studies, 38th EGOS Colloquium, Vienna, 7-9 July

Talking the talk, or walking the walk? How managerial practices relate to NPOs' role as schools of democracy

Lisa Schmidthuber, Leila Cornips, Julia Litofcenko and Florentine Maier

Nonprofit organizations (NPOs) act as ‘schools of democracy’ meaning that individuals’ involvement in a voluntary association fosters civic education and instils civic values, thereby sustaining democratic systems. This research investigates NPOs’ role in promoting democracy and asks how organizational practices influence how NPOs educate citizens to be politically active. We use survey data collected in a random sample of NPOs in the Vienna metropolitan region. Findings indicate that adopting managerial practices is not related to internal democratic organizing, but the extent to which managerial and democratic practices are present is positively associated with NPOs’ encouragement to participate in politics.

Florentine Maier, Leila Cornips, Wenjuan Zheng

European Group for Organizational Studies, 38th EGOS Colloquium, Vienna, 7-9 July 2022

Dimensions of nonprofit performance: What businesses doing CSR can learn from nonprofit organizations' understandings of success

Nonprofit organizations are under increasing scrutiny to demonstrate their worthiness through various forms of performance measurements, which has attracted much scholarly attention to systematize different facets of nonprofit performance and effectiveness. However, none of these frameworks fully captures how diverse and multifaceted the issue presents itself from the perspective of nonprofit leaders. This study thus aims to link the scholarly analysis of nonprofit performance more closely to the actual diversity of nonprofit practice. Based on the survey data from representative samples of NPOs in the Vienna Metropolitan Region (Austria) and Shenzhen (China), we manually coded 560 leaders of NPOs' responses to an open question about performance indicators. By applying an inductive, data-driven approach to coding these responses, we develop a framework of dimensions and facets of nonprofit performance from a leader's perspective. Our analysis shows that nonprofit performance – from a nonprofit leader's perspective – can be conceptualized within a two-dimensional space, ranging from within the organization to its environment and from the level of relations to the level of actions. We thereby go beyond previous frameworks, which have emphasized internal actions and external relations but have neglected relations inside the organization and the external action aspect of demand for the organization's offers.

Berta Terzieva, Leila Cornips

26th Summer School in Social Science Methods 11-26 August 2022, Università della Svizzera italiana - Lugano, Switzerland

Two members of the Institute for Nonprofit Management have participated in the 26th Summer School in Social Science Methods 11-26 August 2022 at the Università della Svizzera italiana in Lugano, Switzerland.

Berta Terzieva has participated in the course Introduction to Qualitative Research Designs, taught by Prof. M. Gibbert. Leila Cornips has participated in the course Qualitative Comparative Analysis: Research Design and Application, taught by Prof. P.A. Mello.

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