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Peer Stefanie, PhD

Stefanie Peer, PhD

Stefanie Peer, PhD

Associate Professor, Head of the Research Institute for Spatial and Real Estate Economics

WU Vienna University of Economics
Institute for Multi-Level Governance and Development

Welthandelsplatz 1/D4
1020 Vienna, Austria

Access to the institute ONLY from the third floor!

Stefanie Peer works as an associate professor at the Institute for Multilevel Governance and Development. Her research focuses mostly on topics related to transport economics. She conducted her PhD research at the Department of Spatial Economics at the VU University Amsterdam, and defended her dissertation entitled “The economics of trip scheduling, travel time variability and traffic information” in 2013. She has published in various high-ranked journals, and is active in multiple scientific associations (NECTAR, ITEA, GfR).

Stefanie Peer is Head of the Research Institute for Spatial and Real Estate Economics.

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Chapter in edited volume

2023 Czerny, Achim I., Peer, Stefanie. 2023. Transport pricing In: Handbook on Transport Pricing and Financing. Hrsg. Tirachini, Alejandro, Hörcher, Daniel, Verhoef, Erik T. Read more
2020 Lehner, Stephan, Peer, Stefanie, Gren, Mateusz, Koller, Hannes, Dragaschnig, Melitta, Brändle, Norbert, Sengupta, Raja. 2020. Innovative pricing policies for commuting: a field experiment. In: Mapping the Travel Behavior Genome. Hrsg. Goulias, Konstadinos G., Davis, Adam W. Read more

Journal article

2024 Buh, Brian, Peer, Stefanie. 2024. Environmental concern and the determinants of night train use. Read more
2024 Kosíková, Renata, Krčál, Ondřej, Peer, Stefanie. 2024. The value of time in a repeated and one-off setup. Read more
2024 Peer, Stefanie, Müller, Johannes, Naqvi, Asjad, Straub, Markus. 2024. Introducing shared, electric, autonomous vehicles (SAEVs) in sub-urban zones: Simulating the case of Vienna. Read more
2023 Naqvi, Asjad, Peer, Stefanie, Müller, Johannes, Straub, Markus. 2023. The spatial–temporal exposure to traffic-related Particulate Matter emissions. Read more
2023 Hössinger, Reinhard, Peer, Stefanie, Juschten, Maria. 2023. Give citizens a task. Read more
2023 Peer, Stefanie, Gangl, Katharina, Spitzer, Florian, van der Werff, Ellen. 2023. Which policy measures can motivate active mobility in rural and semi-rural areas?. Read more
2022 Millonig, Alexandra, Rudloff, Christian, Richter, Gerald, Lorenz, Florian, Peer, Stefanie. 2022. Fair mobility budgets. Read more
2021 Schmid, Basil, Molloy, Joseph, Peer, Stefanie, Jokubauskaite, Simona, Aschauer, Florian, Hössinger, Reinhard, Gerike, Regine, Jara-Diaz, Sergio, Axhausen, Kay. 2021. The value of travel time savings and the value of leisure in Zurich: Estimation, decomposition and policy implications. Read more
2021 Krcal, Ondrej, Peer, Stefanie, Stanek, Rostislav. 2021. Can time-inconsistent preferences explain hypothetical biases?. Read more
2021 Jokubauskaite, Simona, Hössinger, Reinhard, Jara-Diaz, Sergio, Peer, Stefanie, Schneebaum, Alyssa, Schmid, Basil, Aschauer, Florian, Gerike, Regine, Axhausen, Kay, Leisch, Friedrich. 2021. The role of unpaid domestic work in explaining the gender gap in the (monetary) value of leisure. Read more
2020 Peer, Stefanie, Mürmann, Alexander, Sallinger, Katharina. 2020. App-based feedback on safety to novice drivers: learning and monetary incentives. Read more
2020 Hössinger, Reinhard, Aschauer, Florian, Jara-Diaz, Sergio, Jokubauskaite, Simona, Schmid, Basil, Peer, Stefanie, Axhausen, Kay, Gerike, Regine. 2020. A joint time-assignment and expenditure-allocation model: value of leisure and value of time assigned to travel for specific population segments. Read more
2019 Adler, Martin, Peer, Stefanie, Sinozic, Tanja. 2019. Autonomous, connected, electric shared vehicles (ACES) and public finance: An explorative analysis. Read more
2019 Jokubauskaite, Simona, Hössinger, Reinhard, Aschauer, Florian, Gerike, Regine, Jara-Diaz, Sergio, Peer, Stefanie, Schmid, Basil, Axhausen, Kay, Leisch, Friedrich. 2019. Advanced continuous-discrete model for joint time-use expenditure and mode choice estimation. Read more
2019 Krcal, Ondrej, Peer, Stefanie, Stanek, Rostislav, Karlinova, Bara. 2019. Real consequences matter: Why hypothetical biases in the valuation of time persist even in controlled lab experiments. Read more
2019 Peer, Stefanie. 2019. To bike or not to bike? – Evidence from a university relocation. Read more
2019 Lehner, Stephan, Peer, Stefanie. 2019. The price elasticity of parking: A meta-analysis. Read more
2019 Schmid, Basil, Jokubauskaite, Simona, Aschauer, Florian, Peer, Stefanie, Hössinger, Reinhard, Gerike, Regine, Jara-Diaz, Sergio, Axhausen, Kay. 2019. A pooled RP/SP mode, route and destination choice model to investigate mode and user-type effects in the value of travel time savings. Read more
2018 Peer, Stefanie, Börjesson, Maria. 2018. Temporal framing of stated preference experiments: does it affect valuations?. Read more
2018 Soder, Michael, Peer, Stefanie. 2018. The potential role of employers in promoting sustainable mobility in rural areas: evidence from Eastern Austria. Read more
2017 Kroes, Eric, Koster, Paul, Peer, Stefanie. 2017. A Practical Method to Estimate the Benefits of Improved Road Network Reliability: An Application to Departing Air Passengers. Read more
2017 Link, Christoph, Peer, Stefanie. 2017. Unreliable travel times in Austria: Relevance, causes, reactions and avoidance strategies. Read more
2016 Peer, Stefanie, Knockaert, Jasper, Verhoef, Erik. 2016. Train commuters' scheduling preferences: evidence from a large-scale peak avoidance experiment. Read more
2015 Koster, Paul, Peer, Stefanie, Dekker, Thijs. 2015. Memory, expectation formation and scheduling choices. Read more
2015 Peer, Stefanie, Verhoef, Erik, Knockaert, Jasper, Koster, Paul, Tseng, Yin-Yen. 2015. Long-run vs. short-run perspectives on consumer scheduling: Evidence from a revealed-preference experiment among peak-hour road commuters. Read more
2014 Peer, Stefanie, Knockaert, Jasper, Koster, Paul, Verhoef, Erik. 2014. Over-reporting vs. overreacting: commuters' perceptions of travel times. Read more
2013 Peer, Stefanie, Knockaert, Jasper, Koster, Paul, Tseng, Yin-Yen, T. Verhoef, Erik. 2013. Door-to-door travel times in RP departure time choice models: An approximation method using GPS data. Read more
2013 Peer, Stefanie, T. Verhoef, Erik. 2013. Equilibrium at a bottleneck when long-run and short-run scheduling preferences diverge. Read more
2012 Peer, Stefanie, Koopmans, Carl, Verhoef, Erik. 2012. Prediction of travel time variability for cost-benefit analysis. Read more

Working Paper/Preprint

2015 Knockaert, Jasper, Verhoef, Erik, Peer, Stefanie. 2015. Train commuters' scheduling preferences: evidence from a large-scale peak avoidance experiment. Read more

Research report, expert opinion

2013 Knockaert, Jasper, Peer, Stefanie, Verhoef, Erik. 2013. Spitsmijden in de Trein: Gedragseffecten. Read more

Doctoral thesis

2013 Peer, Stefanie. 2013. The economics of trip scheduling, travel time variability and traffic information. Read more

Other scientific publications

2020 Wagner, Ben, Winkler, Till, Human, Soheil, Peer, Stefanie. 2020. Do Smartphone Apps Influence Mode ChoiceBehavior among Viennese Citizens?. Read more
2015 Chaloupka, Christine, Kölbl, Robert, Loibl, Wolfgang, Molitor, Romain, Nentwich, Michael, Peer, Stefanie, Risser, Ralf, Sammer, Gerd, Schützhofer, Bettina, Seibt, Claus. 2015. Nachhaltige Mobilität aus sozioökonomischer Perspektive. Diskussionspapier der Arbeitsgruppe "Sozioökonomische Aspekte" der ÖAW-Kommission "Nachhaltige Mobilität". Read more

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Innovative Policies for Sustainable Urban Transportation

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