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Dr. Thomas Rusch

Aca­demic fo­cus and re­search in­terests

  • Stat­ist­ical Con­sult­ing

  • Ap­plied Stat­ist­ics and Data Ana­lysis

  • Com­pu­ta­tional Stat­ist­ics

  • Mul­tivari­ate Stat­ist­ics

  • Ex­plor­at­ory Data Ana­lysis

  • Psy­cho­met­rics


  • Since 2014/2015: Ad­vanced Mar­ket­ing Re­search Meth­ods, Meth­ods of Em­pir­ical So­cial Re­search, Stat­ist­ics for Eco­nom­ics and Sozio-E­co­nom­ics

  • 2008-2013: Vari­ous Courses on Ap­plied Stat­ist­ics, Em­pir­ical So­cial Re­search, Data Ana­lysis, Com­pu­ta­tional Stat­ist­ics, Stat­ist­ics with R, Mul­tivari­ate Stat­ist­ics and In-­house Train­ings at WU Vi­enna and UAS Tech­nikum


  • 2012: Ph.D. in Stat­ist­ics, WU Vi­enna

  • 2010: M.Sc. in Stat­ist­ics, Uni­versity of Vi­enna

  • 2008: M.Sc. in Psy­cho­logy, Uni­versity of Vi­enna

  • 2007: B.Sc. in Stat­ist­ics, Uni­versity of Vi­enna

Ca­reer His­tory (Se­lec­tion)

  • Since May 2012: Assist­ant Pro­fessor, Com­pet­ence Center for Em­pir­ical Re­search Meth­ods, WU Vi­enna

  • Since 2006: Freel­ance Stat­ist­ical Con­sult­ing

  • 2009: Con­sult­ant, Mul­tivari­ate Soft­ware, Inc., Los Ange­les

  • 2008-2012: Re­search and Teach­ing As­so­ci­ate, In­sti­tute for Stat­ist­ics and Mathem­at­ics, WU Vi­enna

  • 2006-2008: Teach­ing Assist­ent, In­sti­tut for Psy­cho­lo­gie, Uni­versity of Vi­enna

  • 2005-2006: Tutor, In­sti­tute for Scien­ti­fic Com­put­ing, Uni­versity of Vi­enna

  • 2003: Inde­pend­ent Con­tractor ESAW Pro­ject, Uni­versity of Vi­enna