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Services offered

The Center for Empirical Research Methods offers customized services in the field of empirical research methods. Its activity is divided into four areas:

  • Consulting: It is aimed primarily at academic staff of the WU in the course of their empirical research (research proposals, methodological issues). In addition, consulting is offered for young faculty (post-docs) and young scientists in the doctoral program in order to support them with their methodological choices and problems (e.g. as part of the planning and evaluation of empirical projects). We offer consulting in qualitative research (e.g., grounded theory, theoretical sampling), quantitative research (e.g., design, sampling) and statistics (e.g., data analysis, interpretation). For inquiries, please click here.

  • Training: It is planned to periodically invite representatives of as well as to organize events from different methodological research areas that are open to all interested WU researchers and are partly carried out in cooperation with the staff development and training. For inquiries, please click here.

  • Networking: The center aims at serving as a service facility for networking on methodological issues amongst the faculty of WU. It provides help to contact relevant researchers form other scientific areas at WU or other research institutions if it is necessary for complex methodological issues. For inquiries, please click here.

  • Implementation of research projects: In addition to consulting, the center supports research projects during the concrete implementation of empirical studies. Here, the center serves as a cooperative partner for empirical studies and also independently designs research projects. The competence center should be represented in the project in its core function of methodological expertise. Wherever substantive issues can be resolved through innovative application of methods or where new approaches must be developed, the competence center sees itself as the right partner. For inquiries, please click here.