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Alexander Stock, A1

Alexander Stock
A1 IT Director
Empowering Digital Life
March 30, 2017, 6:30 pm, TC.0.01

Abstract: My presentation will describe how the era of digitalization is impacting existing companies, their products and organizations. I will present how A1 is utilizing the advantages of digital developments for our own organizational and technological development.

Profile: As A1 IT Director I am currently responsible for the transformation and development of A1’s IT environment. Before that I held several international management positions in the telecommunication industry, for example COO at Ericsson in Germany, CTO & IT Director for Telekom Austria in Bulgaria, Director at UPC in Amsterdam. My education includes a BA in Management/International Business & Marketing, as well as a MSc in Innovation Management. I completed several additional programs such as the Advanced Management Program at the WU Executive Academy, or the Management Program of INSEAD.