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VSFX 2023

Vienna Symposium on Foreign Exchange Markets 2023

The WU Research Institute for Capital Markets (ISK) will organize the annual Vienna Symposium on Foreign Exchange Markets from August 14-15, 2023 in Vienna at Palais Coburg.

Program Committee

Chair of the Program Committee: Josef Zechner.

Further members of the program committee are Georg Cejnek, Magnus Dahlquist, Zhengyang Jiang, Stephan Kranner, Semyon Malamud, Andreas Neuhierl, Otto Randl, Alberto Rossi, Lucio Sarno, Andrea Vedolin, Stefan Voigt, Christian Wagner, and Michael Weber.


Presenters of accepted papers enjoy a conference fee waiver and receive free accommodation at the conference venue, lunches, and conference dinners.


Karin Distelberger
Claudia Hoffmann

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